I am a master’s student and teaching/research assistant at the Department of Linguistics at Boğaziçi University. Currently, I am working on my thesis (under the supervision of Ömer Demirok), where I report a paradigm gap in Turkish and discuss its implications for formal models of Morphology and morphological learning. In a nutshell, I argue based on empirical data gathered from corpora and acceptability judgment experiments that desiderative verbs formed with the -AsI suffix become ungrammatical when they inflect for third person plural agreement. I discuss how this gap, like most other gaps in various languages, poses a challenge for formal theories of Morphology by analyzing it with the tools of these theories (e.g. DM and Word-and-Paradigm). Finally, I try to account for both the existence and emergence of this gap by using current models of morpho(phono)logical learning.